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Again Game Developers @Turkey group has arranged a game jam called amberJam to emphasize that games are also forms of art within Amber Platform 2013 which is technology and art festival. And I have developed Space Junk Destroyer for this jam in collaboration with Kemal Akay and Doğaç Yavuz in 36 hours.

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A long time ago, in a not so far away galaxy, there was so many asteroids blocking human race's path to explore deepest and darkest places of space. And they invented the space junk destroyer. You are controlling the destroyer ship, which contains 4 engines to destroy asteroids. It's not a death star I know but you will love it. Oh by the way, before you leave here the last things you should know about. You must avoid collusion with planets and also should follow mini map not to get lost. Good luck.

How To Play:
Use arrow keys for movement

Code & Design by Burak Kurkcu
Graphics by Kemal Akay
Sfx & Music by Doğaç Yavuz

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