True procedural non-multiplayer non-sense
Made by @_burakkurkcu for FART JAM XII
Theme was "One That Wasn't There"

You are a security guy at the entrance of Planet Fart, and since it's the best planet on the universe there are many passengers come by. And there is a face on your computer screen which is believed to be a spy who is trespassing and wasn't on the guest list.

Disclaimer: I know you have questions from the moment you see the name. Here we go, it's somehow procedural if you believe and realtime non-multiplayer non-sense.

How to play: Click to eliminate guys from the walking line. If it's true you get 1 point, else you lose 1 point. There is no win/lose condition.


Download 13 MB
Download 10 MB


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I played for ten minutes and the face in the computer didn't appear once. I clicked every face until I got to -100 points and nothing happened. AKA this is boring and broken.

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thanks for playing the game. it's a jam game made in less than 24 hours and I couldn't made it fun as I think due to deadline, so I tagged as prototype. and also being a security guy is boring :)


To be fair, that does make the game really accurate.

indeed :)